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Gorguts ‎– Pleiades' Dust 12" EP

Gorguts ‎– Pleiades' Dust 12" EP


Latest effort by Quebec's second-finest sons (R.I.P. Nordiques). Gorguts pick up right where the revamped lineup of "Colored Sands" left off. A single 33 minute track, divided into 7 chapters. Lemay's patented weird, avant death metal, once again aided by the presence of Hufnagel and Marson, with some fantastic production courtesy of the latter. Thematically, "Pleiades' Dust" centers around the medieval Abbasid library which was destroyed by the Mongols in the Siege Of Baghdad. Why do all the really badass libraries always get fucked up? Alexandria, Constantinople, the New York Public Library in Ghostbusters, etc. People and ghosts are jerks. 1000 on black vinyl in a gatefold jacket and includes a big old fold out poster.

Released by Season of Mist. 


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