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Foehammer - Foehammer 12"

Foehammer - Foehammer 12"


Debut EP by Northern Virginia's Foehammer. 34 minutes of crushing funeral doom. Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies on clear and black vinyl, housed in an offset printed fold-over jacket. Each 12" comes with a digital download of the album.

"Hailing from the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, Foehammer’s music belies its bustling surroundings. Rather, Foehammer conjure the creeping tectonic progression of transform faults, culminating in releases of sound waves the magnitude of which is best measured by seismometers. In keeping with the appropriate timescale, each of the three funeral doom epics on Foehammer’s debut EP clock in past the 9 minute mark. Foehammer is doom metal in the truest sense of the appellation, crushing, unrelenting and suffused with a foreboding of cataclysm that smothers each of the EP’s all-to-brief 34 minutes. Foehammer’s rupturing first salvo will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Graves At Sea, Warhorse, Corrupted, Hell, Buried at Sea and other purveyors of the slow."

1st Pressing:

50 clear vinyl - SOLD OUT

200 black vinyl

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